Learn How To Pass Her Tests . . . http://bit.ly/2qEJ4Fg

In my world, it’s impossible to believe girls, no matter how fugly, DON’T pull shit tests on guys.
ESPECIALLY IF the the girl is attracted to them.
That’s right. The more they like you, the more you get shit tested.
It’s in their female genetic wiring, all the way till the day you stick it in.

How Would You Respond?

-Do you respond by being a weak and supplicating to her desires?
-Do you walk-away defeated and dejected with your tail between your legs?
-Do you offer some lame-ass response that lands like a feather?
-or Do you verbally bitch slap her with the funny and creative flair of a Vegas Comedian?

Brent Smith is here to share how to pass Tips on How to Pass Her Shit Test
Using a simple psychology behind your responses . . .

Learn How To Pass Her Tests . . . http://bit.ly/2qEJ4Fg