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Because we both know, women are hard-wired to feel attracted to guys who are Alpha.

It’s basic human biology. It’s been this way since the caveman days.
Women might SAY they want “a nice guy…”
But you and I both know this is bullcrap.

Women are turned off by men who never show a backbone, who never test or challenge them, and who are eager to please…
And they are uncontrollably turned on by men who show confidence and dominant behavior.
In today’s world, this has nothing to do with having big muscles or beating the crap out of dudes. 
It just means you need to display the right ATTITUDE.

This can be as simple as using “cocky & funny” teases and playful challenges when you’re talking to a girl…
So that instead of acting like the average guy who is trying to earn her approval, you’re “testing” her and making her want to earn YOUR approval.

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