She Shows Up In The Tightest Little Cocktail Dress You’ve Ever Seen

Check this out . . .

So I have this friend out in LA, Eric . . .

Now, if I was to describe Eric, he isn’t what you would call an “alpha male”, not even by a long shot . . . but he does okay with women.

The main thing holding him back is that he’s been a couple of pounds overweight.

So . . . over the last year and a half he gets his ass into gear, goes on a serious diet and starts to slim down.

And part of that involved educating himself all about health, fitness and nutrition, which means he’s following a million internet fitness guru’s.

And reading a million blogs.

One of them is this nutritionist/personal trainer chick.

You know the ones I’m talking about.

Those tight buns of steel, toned to perfection and not a ounce of fat.

And this chick has a Facebook page where she posts every single meal she eats.

Anyway . . . Here’s the freaky part:

One day she posts a meal and my buddy wants to ask her some nutrition related question about it.

So he messages her . . .

. . . and she answers him.

They end up exchanging messages back and forth…

Turns out she lives in LA, about 30 minutes from him.

Now, my buddy knows what I do and he wanted to make a good impression on this fitness chick, so he starts using these online communication methods and the next thing you know things are heating up and he’s got a date for Saturday night.

Well Saturday night rolls around…

. . . and she shows up in the tightest little cocktail dress he’s ever seen.

(I’ll tell you one thing . . . fitness girls work hard for their bodies and they LOVE to show them off.)

A couple of drinks later they end up back at his place making out on the couch.

And two dates later it’s “Mission Accomplished” if you catch my drift.

Here’s the point . . .

Facebook has 1.89 billion users.

You know what that tells me?

Lots and lots and lots of chicks.

To use a fishing analogy, you want to go fish where all the fish are at . . . you have more chances to succeed. Same thing here.

So why are you not meeting them on Facebook?

Probably because you have no idea how.

It all goes back to this:

Knowing a little or “just enough” could be DANGEROUS.

You have to go full throttle or you’ll only get to first base . . . or strike out altogether.

Listen, what good is getting her to respond to your messages if you can’t get her phone number?

What good is getting her phone number if you don’t know how to carry on a conversation and get her to agree to go out on a date with you?

What good is getting a date if you don’t know how to get physical with her?

You get my drift?

Having a killer profile — but no killer strategies when sending out your messages or knowing what to do on your first phone call or when you go on your first date — can lead to incongruence, which equals failure.

You gotta know what to do every step of the way.

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