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Tip 1: Eye Contact When you are looking all around the room and not at her, she will become disengaged and probably not want to continue talking to you because through your eye contact, she feels like you would rather be elsewhere. So smile and face her with an open body posture. Don’t cross your arms in front of you, and start asking her questions about herself. These are the basics! Women are extremely receptive to body language. And this is your first step in turning her on with body language.

Ask yourself, “what am I trying to accomplish with my body language?” Or “what am I trying to communicate through my body?” And, remember, you’re trying to communicate that you are a confident man with a lot to offer a woman!

Tip 2: Have A Strong Texting Game Onto our second way to create sexual tension. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And texting can enhance that tension with a few flirty texts, and leaving off with an “I can’t wait to see you ;)” (cheeky emoji). Having a strong text game is key to creating sexual tension with your woman of interest. Texting allows you to blush and squawk and squeal like no one is watching, and it allows you to have whatever reaction you naturally feel.

The text is a very specific one to learn—if you do not already practice savvy texting. Complimenting someone over text message is a good place to begin, and when you sign off, leave her a little, “I’m excited to see you!” These few things go a long way in the relationship build up. After all, it’s all about textual satisfaction!

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Tip 3: Why So Serious? I understand that egos are a large part of male culture, but, for women, the ego isn’t as important as you’d think. Sometimes, overly inflated egos do the opposite of what they are intended to do. They are a turn off! Part of not taking yourself too seriously is trying to suspend your expectations. Sometimes, when we are excited, we can make up these tall tales in our heads and expect events to go a certain way, and if our expectations aren’t met, we are left disappointed.

Being resilient and being able to laugh at situations and not get frustrated is a very attractive quality. Your ultimate goal here is to attract a girl, not to turn her away from you. And being able to laugh at the situation, and yourself, is highly attractive. It also lightens the mood and makes your girl feel more comfortable around you. Not to mention that it sets you up for whatever happens, success or failure.

Tip 4: Physical Touch The fourth, but equally as important, way to build sexual tension is by being physically affectionate. I think physical affection is one of the best things about relationships, especially at first. Women respond to a welcomed touch, and it makes them feel good! This kind of touching can include just running your fingers gently along her shoulder, arms, thigh, really anywhere. Tickling, hand holding, and tiny kisses that linger also go a long way.

This kind of gentle, physical contact really adds to the growing desire between men and women. With physical affection, not only are we trying to build up attraction in the mind, but also we’re trying to build it in the body.

Tip 5: Be Naughty And Nice My final piece of advice on becoming the bad boy that women want is have an even blend of being naughty and nice. You want to avoid at all costs being a douche canoe. That won’t get you far, and might just get you a swift slap across the face. But you also don’t want to be too nice. You still want her to chase you. relationships aren’t one sided and neither should pursuing women. But to be the bad boy you have to toe a fine line between being a good guy at heart and exuding some bad boy behavior. That bad boy behavior is being independent, confident and resilient. With these simple steps you will not only become the bad boy that women fawn over, but you will also become the best, most confident version of yourself. Alright, that’s all for today, YouTube. Don’t forget to head over to my website and pickup a copy of my attraction building handbook! Until next time!

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